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Isuzu takes books to Africa

Onderstepoort  veterinary students from South Africa’s University of Pretoria, involved in running the Isuzu Vet Books for Africa project, have received two vehicles from Isuzu South Africa to aid their work in uplifting veterinary education in Africa.

The Isuzu Vet Books for Africa team departed from Pretoria on the 29th of October 2012, and will make their way through the rugged terrains of Mozambique and Tanzania before reaching Nairobi. They will then return to South Africa via Zimbabwe.

Because of the challenging nature of the East African terrains, each member of the crew received extensive training from the Isuzu Off-Road Academy in South Africa before embarking on their journey.

Through Isuzu’s sponsorship, valuable cargo consisting of textbooks and journals of veterinary interest, can be transported to veterinary faculties of universities in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique, where these commodities are needed.

Each member of the crew is a veterinary student, with valuable knowledge to share with their counterparts in other regions of Africa.

Books for Africa and Isuzu hold a common philosophy that ‘You Know You Can’.

Isuzu is proud to be a part of the delivery , but also the role it will play in getting education and conservation to those in need in these parts of the continent.

The epic journey will take approximately 41 days to complete. The adventure will come alive on the Isuzu South Africa Facebook page and through @IsuzuSA on Twitter.


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